The SpeedFit trend is taking the world by storm. With thousands of studios already open in Europe & Asia, the USA catching up fast, and Australians starting to love the 20-minute workout, SpeedFit not only offers amazing fitness and health benefits, but fantastic business opportunities at the same time.  Now you can buy your very own franchise, contact us today to find out more.

Tried and tested model

  • The SpeedFit franchise model has been tried and tested in multiple countries around the world and has proven itself successful and profitable. Having said that, we have only touched the surface of this lucrative business opportunity and there are many new uncharted territories up for grabs for suitable candidates.

Why purchase a Franchise?

  • This is no fitness fad but a tried-and-tested method of getting fit with just one 20-minute workout a week. People are discovering how beneficial it is and it’s fast developing a cult-like following around the world.


  • SpeedFit has become the most established EMS training business in Australia and New Zealand with strong brand recognition, achieved by TV, print media, and online and social media. In addition, the best advertisement, is the strong word-of-mouth market with more and more participants hearing about it from friends and family.


  • The SpeedFit crowd has developed an amazing team spirit; franchise owners from all over are communicating and talking about improving the SpeedFit experience and making their businesses even stronger.

Investors and business operators welcome

  • Whether you are a passive investor, with an eye for a great investment, or would prefer to be an owner/operator and run the business yourself, we are open to both ideas.


  • This is a modern concept in both fitness programs and business models, and is expected/projected to be one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the coming years. It offers huge potential in a worldwide fitness market, which is growing exponentially every year. Get in now and reap the fitness and financial rewards that this concept offers.

Contact us on online or call us on 1300 121 313 to discuss your franchise opportunity.